Even a Twelve Year Old Can See…

why abortion is morally wrong. Consider the case of Lia, who, despite threats of disqualification, went ahead with her pro life speech, and won her school’s speech contest. However, apparently, at the school wide contest, the one of the judges became “offended,” and she was disqalified because of her topic and her stance.  Thankfully, that judge stepped down, and she won.

Now it is off to regionals, and, hopefully, she will continue to do well so that the message of the utter evil of abortion will be spread throughout all of Canada.

HT: Dr. James White [http://www.aomin.org]


3 Responses to “Even a Twelve Year Old Can See…”

  1. Jason Stumpner Says:

    This is not at all surprising. As even the article mentions, she was influenced by her family. It’s just like how William Murray, the son of Madelyn Murray O’Hair, wrote papers in favor of the Soviet Union because his mother was a Communist, according to his autobiography, “My Life Without God”. In fact he claimed that his mother actually wrote them for him. Now if I were the teacher, and a student wanted to give a speech about a given topic, I’d assign her two books, one for each opposing viewpoint. Then at least she’d get both sides. But then again, maybe her parents wouldn’t even want for her to be able to understand what the other side thinks, even if she still were to agree with her parents position, in the end. I know that if William Murray were to have given a speech against Bolshevism, and/or in favor of Christianity, he’d likely be beaten by his mother, from what I’ve read in his book. So I’d fully expect this girl to agree with her parents, because she knows no differently, and because she might be punished otherwise. It’s also like how Scholastic Books holds a mock Presidential election, in which schoolaged children vote. You know that in all probability they’re just going to pick whomever there parents will be voting for.

  2. otrmin Says:


    That is not true at all. I remember all kinds of kids who, when they were her age, were already rebelling against their parents. I remember one girl whose parents were Christians, but she herself became a pagan during this age. Thankfully, she came to Christ, but I will have to ask you how is it that so many children at the age of 12 start rebelling against their parents, and yet, here this girl is openly defending her parents position?

    God Bless,

  3. Jason Stumpner Says:

    Wow, she was enabled to learn about pagan religions at the age of twelve? That is pretty young. I had just started learning about comparative religions at that age myself. I hadn’t actually read a book written by a wittan, extoling Celtic neo-paganism until I was in my twenty’s. What did she do, read about greco-roman mythology, and decide to worship there gods as being real divine beings? I wonder what lead her to revert back to Christianity. Anyway, I do not know whether or not the twelve year old girl in the story understood the other side of the issue or not. I was just thinking that with her parents being pro-life activists and all, she’d be personally influenced by there example. And I also doubt that most children seriously question there upbringing until at least there early teens. I know that I sure didn’t.

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