Do We Have Free Speech?

Well, if we do, it may not be for long. Just click on this link, and read all about a man exercising his free speech rights, and getting pulled over by the police for it.

We need to understand that the left has put government in the place of God. Apparently, anyone who dares to criticise the government must be shut up at all costs.

Dare I say that, when the government starts becoming immune to criticism, the government has way too much power?


One Response to “Do We Have Free Speech?”

  1. Jason Stumpner Says:

    Now there is political stereotyping if I ever heard of it. I wonder what would have happened if it had been a left-wing bump sticker, like a hammer and sickle. So much for freedom of expression. The only crime he was commiting was a “thought crime”. The police should detain people for there actions, not there opinions. I think that they just wanted to intimidate him. But I also think that this sort of thing could have happened just as easily under a right-wing government too. Repression is the same, no matter what the ideology.

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