Unidentified Cloud Cover

I had someone post a link on one of the various social groups in which I participate. I used to love meteorology and chemistry when I was a child. I even made my own weather station and chemistry lab. Anyway, I also used to try to predict weather patterns on the basis of things like dew point, cloud cover, barametric pressure, etc [yes, I know that the professionals use more advanced techinques]. I remember sitting down and looking at the clouds every day to see what kinds of clouds were in the sky. This is can be used to somewhat forcast the weather. Well, apparently there has been this odd cloud cover that has been appearing over Scotland and New Zealand. It doesn’t produce any rain, but it has never been seen before. Now the process is going to begin as to trying to figure out what causes these formations, and then giving them a meteorological classification.

I figured you would be interested in looking at them, so you can read all about it and look at pictures here. These clouds sort of remind me of something called the Aroura Borialis. The only difference is that the Aroura Borialis is not a cloud cover, and is far more colorful. Still, it is a reminder of how beautiful God has made the universe, and how, even simple cloud covers show us his grace and mercy [Psalm 8].


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