The Radical Nature of Some Full Quiver Advocates

I was surfing the web for information on the Full Quiver movement, and found a book called Be Fruitful and Multiply. Now, having already done an exegesis of Genesis 1:26-28, I was interested, so, I searched the internet, and found a video of the author of Be Fruitful and Multiply, Nancy Campbell, discussing Genesis 1:28. This has got to be some of the worst argumentation I have ever heard, and yet, one of the most acerbic presentations I have ever heard. Prepare to be insulted, prepare to be emotionally manipulated, and prepare to hear Genesis 1:28 and Malachi 2:15 manhandled:

Yes, you did hear right. Those of us who decide we want to look at the context of Genesis 1:28 are told we need to get some scissors, and just cut Genesis 1:28 out of the Bible. I have not seen this woman’s credentials, but I can imagine that the horrendus exegesis that she provides of these texts most probably means she has no training in this area, and is speaking out of ignorance. She mentions that Malachi 2:15 is in the context of marriage, but she never mentions that it is in the context of *faithlessness* within marriage, and all you have to do is read the next verse to find this out! Yes, those of us who actually care about rightly handling the word of truth are accused of being part of the devil’s plan, and all of this other silliness.

Also, I loved her argument about stopping the production of life being somehow satanic. Apparently, if we neuter our pets, we are part of some satanic scheme because it stops the production of life. Apparently, if we were to execute rapists, we would be stopping the production of life, so, there goes the death penalty. Again, we are to support the production of life but in a Biblical context, and that means not adding commandments against deliberate childlessness to God’s word.

Also, listen to the incredible emotionalism in this woman’s voice. When you start hearing people with this much emotion on an issue like this, you have to wonder if they are really confident in the argumentation they are presenting. Also, along those same lines, the whole fear tactic with the Muslims is brought up again [as if having more children than them somehow proves something about our truth claims verses theirs].

Again, I just wanted to link to this to show the incredibly radical nature of some of these people. My best guess is that Nancy Campbell would not even care about the exegetical presentation of Genesis 1:26-28 that I just posted. Her traditions appear to be more important than accurately handling the word of truth.


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