All Marketing For the Marriage Mandators and CT

As I have looked into the marketing background of this article I have been impressed at how carefully this whole Christianity Today issue was planned.

First of all, Regnerus appeared on the Boundless Show long before this article appeared. There was already that connection. Also, you need to understand that Albert Mohler was on vacation during the month of July. Why is that important? Because Regnerus’ article came out the weekend before Albert Mohler got back from vacation. That means that Albert Mohler’s article on Regnerus’ article would be the first article he would publish when he got back from vacation.

Now, also consider this. Click on this link to Albert Mohler’s program on this issue, and start listening at about 28:36. Who calls in? Yes, Candice Watters. The same Candice Watters that I have critiqued many times before, and the same Candice Watters who just published an article claiming that marriage was as necessary to an individual as food. Listen to the conversation and you will find that they are very happy that this article got into Christianity Today because they are glad that more pastors will see it, and their message will get out there.

Also, I wanted to thank Dan for sending me the responses to the article that were posted on the Christianity Today website. Unfortunately, it seems like these women were not at all equipped exegetically or logically to deal with these arguments. While I appriciated their effort, Christianity today did not really put up anyone who could give a powerful and exegetical response to this article. I even have to wonder if that was intended. Remember Camerin Courtney’s article which totally misrepresented this whole movement? It came from Christianity Today. Again, it seems like the folks who deal with singles issues on the Christianity Today website simply do not have the exegetical or philosophical background to deal with the abuses of this article. Therefore, no one is able to give a forceful response to it, and it goes unchallenged.

So, the marketing continues. I have always found it amazing that leaders who promote this movement will not open themselves up to criticism of their position. The goal is simply to get the message out there, and hope that no one runs across a little website like mine or Amir’s or Anakin’s. However, those who care about truth will be googling this article, and reading the other side, and considering the issues. It is for them that I continue to critique this movement.

Addendum: It looks like the marketing just continues. Lisa Anderson, who was quoted in one of the articles Regnerus cited, is going to be talking about Regnerus’ Christianity Today article on The Christian Worldview. Also, Candice Watters is going to be on the Focus on the Family radio show to discuss her book Get Married which I have critiqued before. I continue to be amazed at how these people will promote their position, but will never put themselves in a position where they have to face someone who knows their arguments, and has written against them. I am sure that folks like Anakin, Amir, Andreas Kostenberger, John Piper, or others who do not hold this view would be glad to appear on programs with them to critique their position, but I don’t see it happening soon.


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