What’s So Bad About Carolyn McCulley?

One of the things I remember about Debbie Maken’s followers is how they would literally go after Carolyn McCulley. I could not believe how nasty some of the comments were towards her. Of course, Debbie Maken’s followers could very rarely be nice to anyone with whom they disagreed. However, I also have had several people who do not agree with Debbie Maken who have expressed considerable disagreement with Carolyn McCulley.

Now, I will be the first one to admit that, other then reading her blog to see her review of Debbie Maken, a few of her articles, and some of her interaction with some of Debbie Maken’s followers, I have not read much of Carolyn McCulley. I have not read her book, and have very little familiarity with her writings en toto. However, I did listen to three different shows that both she and Candice Watters did on Focus on the Family’s radio program. They can be found here:




Let me just say that I found Carolyn McCulley to be entirely balanced throughout these three programs. I could find nothing wrong with what she was teaching, and, more amazingly, her balance shined brightly against Candice Watters’ imbalance. Candice was all about “what women can do to help it happen,” and, while Carolyn McCulley certainly didn’t ignore that aspect, she put it in its proper place of God’s sovereignty, and trusting in God to do what is best in your life. In fact, at one point, they got into a little bit of back and forth on 1 Corinthians 7 during the second program, which was interesting.

At the end of either the first or second programs, Dr. Dobson honored her as a wonderful woman of God, and, from what I could hear, it was hard to disagree. I would invite women to listen to these programs. Yes, you will here Candice Watters repeating things I have dealt with ad infinitum ad nauseum. However, I would recommend listening to it in the light of the balance offered by Carolyn McCulley.


2 Responses to “What’s So Bad About Carolyn McCulley?”

  1. Kevin (singlechristian.org) Says:

    Unfortunately, civility is not always the norm in the blogging world.

  2. Dani Says:

    Her contribution was excellent wasn’t it? Particularly in the 2nd talk.

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