If You Care About Freedom of Religion in America…

then please pass this information to as many bloggers as you can. I have been a longtime listener to Dr. James White’s program The Dividing Line with the archives on his blog, which I would highly recommend to people. A while back, Dr. White started studying Islam. He has done many studies in Islam on The Dividing Line, and has made several friends who have been working along side of him, among them are David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi of Acts 17 apologetics ministries.

Anyway, these three guys, along with Sam Shamoun, set up a series of debates and television programs in the Dearborn, Michigan area. During this period of time, there was also an Arab culture festival in Dearborn, and so, David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi decided they would go and witness to Muslims. Now, they had problems with people at the festival slandering them, so they brought video cameras to record everything they did. As all the eyewitness testimony indicates, David and Nabeel were just simply standing and waiting for people to come up and talk to them. Some did, and normal conversation ensued. All was going well until, all of the sudden, the police came and put hand cuffs on them, took their video cameras away, and carted them off for causing disturbances. This is, in spite of the fact, that all eyewitness testimony has said that they were doing no such thing. *Every* indication from this is that they were simply having normal peaceful conversations with Muslim Arabs about their religion. David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi explained what happened in a video here. Also, you can read the eyewitness testimony here.

Now, the next day, rather than going into the festival [since it would not be a bright idea to go back to the scene where something like this happened], they went outside the gates of the festival, and simply handed out pamphlets with the Gospel of John in English and Arabic. However, even here the police showed up and arrested them, and told them that they could only hand out pamphlets five blocks away from the festival. This time, though, we have video tape:

The way in which Nabeel and David were treated is absolutely reprehensible. As most of you know, I am not an expert in Islam, as I decided to go the Hebrew route rather than the Arabic route in my study of semitics. However, I support Dr. White, Nabeel, David, and Sam in what they do. Anyone should have a right to peacefully share their beliefs, and dialogue about their beliefs with those with whom they disagree [so long as it is done in a peaceful fashion, obviously]. The authorities have no buisness butting in, and telling people that they cannot talk about things.

What’s worse is that I have heard of this kind of thing in Dearborn before. I remember someone saying that there where times when they wondered if Dearborn, Michigan was ruled by Muslims or by the constitution! This has got to stop. As I said, if you care about this at all, please post these things on your blog as well. I don’t have a problem if someone disagrees with me, and I would fight to allow Muslims the right to publically disagree with Christianity. This kind of garbage should never happen in a country with the first amendment.


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