R.C. Sproul Mp3 on Manhood and Homosexuality

R.C. Sproul’s ministry Ligonier Ministries has put out a free Mp3 lecture on homosexuality done by Dr. R.C. Sproul Sr. It is around 48 minutes long, but is well worth the listen. It is this kind of a lecture that makes R.C. Sproul one of the most respected theologians of our day.

I also found it kind of ironic that when he discusses manhood, he goes after those who would say that desiring to cook and sew do not make you effeminate. His discussion on manhood is very good.

I found it absolutely fascinating to listen to this in light of the fact that those that talk about delay of marriage being a sin always talk about you only being a man if you do this, or only being a man if you do that. Although Debbie Maken’s blog has been removed, I am sure we all will remember her blog post in which she tries to link homosexuality and delay of marriage.

However, R.C. Sproul seems to suggest the exact opposite. It is actually telling people that you are not a man unless you meet up to my standards that can drive someone into homosexuality. As Sproul points out, manhood is something that is part of creation. Hence, it is merely a matter of authority. Are you going to accept the authority of those who say that delay of marriage is a sin, and thus, you are not a man unless you are married? Or, are you going to accept the authority of God who says that you are a man because of how he created you?

Hence, if Sproul is correct, these folks have a problem with God, not with us. Are there people who sin, and live selfish lifestyles? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they are not a man. The issue in such a situation is one of sin, not one of manhood. If Sproul is right, then, when the whole delay of marriage issue is attached to manhood, it is seriously compromising masculinity as a whole, and can lead right down to homosexuality.

What I learned from this lecture is that messing with masculinity is serious buisness. When you define masculinity in terms of what you think it should be rather than how God created it to be, you are playing with fire, and the results can be devastating. Tim Challies has already posted this lecture on his blog, and I am posting it here. I hope it will receive wide distribution in light of excellent insights it contains.


2 Responses to “R.C. Sproul Mp3 on Manhood and Homosexuality”

  1. becky Says:

    So RC Sproul Sr. is not into patriocentricity? I confess I don’t know much about him…the Sproul I’m most familiar with is the Jr. I guess I assumed Sr. would be into patriocentricity as well.

    This mp3 sounds like an interesting listen.

  2. otrmin Says:


    Ya, I don’t think R.C. Sproul Sr. has spoken on that issue much; that is largely an area that his son has dealt with.

    While I have seen good work from Sr., I have heard a lot of disturbing things about Jr.. For example, there is documentation that he was defrocked for abuse of power in his former denomination. Also, the fact that he is involved in the Christian Patriarchy movement which has had documented incidences of abuse does not help his case.

    In fact, on the Puritanboard a while back, there was a thread about whether people would still support Ligonier Ministries once Sr. passed on, since Jr. would, in all probability, take over the reins of that ministry. There were lots of people who said they would not. Hence, there are many people who notice a distinct difference between Jr. and Sr..

    So, no, I have listened to the Renewing Your Mind radio program for a long time, and I have found it extremely beneficial. I would highly commend it to you:


    God Bless,

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