Dr. James White to have Mega Long Dividing Line Today to Discuss Coate’s Book

For those of you who were interested in my response to the first part of Coate’s book, Dr. James White is having a two hour Dividing Line webcast program beginning at 3:00PM MST [6:00PM EST] today to address the issues surrounding Micah Coate’s book A Cultish Side of Calvinism. Here is the link where you can listen in live. I don’t know if Dr. White will be taking phone calls, but, if you have been influenced by this book, I would encourage you to listen in. Dr. White is a very responsible New Testament scholar and theologian, and will definitely give this book the burial it so richly deserves [his words].


2 Responses to “Dr. James White to have Mega Long Dividing Line Today to Discuss Coate’s Book”

  1. Shawn Mathis Says:

    I looked at the preview of the book. After the publishing info in the front pages is another page with a large “clarify”. It describes something clearly missing from the title and the content: that Calvinist are not outside the faith, nor a cult. Nor is it a full description of Calvinism nor refutation.

    So, what *is* the book? and why the misleading title? Probably full of inaccuracies. Vance’s book, was full of errors. That was one reason why I became a Calvinist.

  2. otrmin Says:


    Shawn, this book is the worst I have ever read on Calvinism. A large part of this might be political, as two scholars from the SBC endorsed the book, and the SBC has been in a political battle for years now over this issue, according to what some have told me.

    However, it is naive and grossly confused. Listening to Dr. White’s program just simply pointed out more of the same with regards to this book.

    God Bless,

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