Michelle Duggar’s Acharit

I think most people know of Michelle Duggar, the woman from “19 Kids and Counting.” Most people also know that I have been a firm critic of the oversimplifications and reductionisms of the quiverfull movement for a long time. I have pointed out that the the movement as a whole lacks any semblance of wisdom. I have pointed out that the Bible itself warns against excesses and the problem with excesses [Proverbs 25:16-17]. I have pointed out many times the principle of liminality that you find written all over the Proverbs.

However, there is also a principle of Hebrew wisdom literature called the “acharit” or “the end.” That is, things might be pleasant now, but ultimately, in the end, if you are not acting wisely, it will hurt you. The quiverfull movement is a perfect example of our modern culture which doesn’t understand that principle. While obesity can be caused by many things, consider those who eat and eat and eat and eat, and then wonder why they are fat. Consider those who indulge in movies and entertainment all day and night, and then wonder why it is that their work didn’t get done. It is “the end” that they didn’t have in sight.

Now, I think “the end” is beginning to come into focus for at least one well known quiverfull group, the Duggars. Just recently, Michelle Duggar miscarried. What most people don’t know, and doctors are starting to point out, is that miscarriages are actually very common at their age. Apparently, one an two conceptions for people at Michelle Duggar’s age end in miscarriage.

In other words, now, for every two children that the Duggars conceive, at least one will die. However, it is even worse than that. The other problem is, just as human beings get old, so do female eggs. The longer an egg is in a female body, the more it ages, and hence, the greater potential it has for producing birth defects. In other words, even for children that may survive this ordeal, the child could still end up with a serious birth defect that would place incredible demands on a mother who already has nineteen other children to deal with.

The point is that the acharit has come for Michelle Duggar. If she keeps going down this road, she will continue to either kill children through miscarriage, or be forced to neglect the children she has due to having a special needs child. This is total irony for a woman who does this because she says that she “loves life.” She now has a choice: either give up quiverfull, or give up her love of life. It is that simple.

I think what this also points out is that one of the main problems with militant fecundity is that it does not realize the effects of sin on childbearing. That does not just come in the pain of childbearing, but in miscarriages, in the aging of the body and human eggs. If you do not factor these things in, then you will be acting like we are living in a pre-fall world when we are not. That is why family can never be used as a weapon for conquering and society, since family itself has been tainted by human sin. Family, individuals, and society all need the transforming power of the gospel to transform hearts and minds. Outside of that, there is no redemption to society or family at all.


One Response to “Michelle Duggar’s Acharit”

  1. democraticdeist Says:

    I hadn’t heard of your explanation for her miscarriages. My sister, whom has been reading books by them, and has seen there show, has told me that they blame the miscarriages on there prior use of contraception. Which is supposedly why they do not now use it. It never did make sense to me that contraception could cause miscarriage, unless it were used after she was already pregnant, whether or not she realised it at the time. Birth control pills are not intended to used to end a pregnancy, but to prevent it.

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