While You Were Sleeping…

Dr. Michael Brown, a fellow Hebraist [Phd New York University] recently did a public lecture on homosexuality for the Family Research Council. Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart; it is a documentation of the utter morally depraved level to which our culture has dropped after the loss of the Christian consensus.

As Schaeffer said, when there is no place for God as God, there is no place for man as man either. What we have here is a loss of “humanness,” or man being man. Now, all of the sudden, man is whatever he believes himself to be, even if that means that he must inflict pain upon himself in order to convince himself that he is not what his creator made him to be. That is the essence of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexual behavior. It is an utter ripping away of human dignity.

This is the kind of dehumanization to which the false gospel of secular humanism leads. The sad thing is that there actually are people who applaud this utter destruction of human dignity. Also, because the logic that is used to justify this kind of behavior can also be used to justify everything from polygamy to pedophilia and even bestiality, the loss of humanness will simply continue since there is no Christian consensus [which begins with God and the Bible] giving us the moral absolutes to prevent it.

What is disturbing about this video is how those who promote this destruction of human dignity are now forcing everyone else to accept it as well. This is what happens when you have a position that is unnatural, and works against the very way in which God intended you to function. You have to have an elite which imposes their will on everyone else. The problem is that this too will collapse, as more and more humanness is taken away. Society cannot exist unless man is allowed to be man, and man cannot be allowed to be man so long as God is not allowed to be God. It eventually leads to chaos because everyone wants to be who they think they are, and yet, still interact with each other in a society. That is where the false gospel of secular humanism leads.


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