Michael Brown Refutes Dan Savage, and the Passage of the North Carolina Marriage Amendment

Dr. Michael Brown, despite my differences with him on Calvinism and Christian Zionism, is a very good and competent Hebrew and Ancient Near East scholar. He has written a three part response to Dan Savage’s unscholarly rant: Part I; Part II; Part III. I suppose the main value in my posting of these responses is, first of all, given the unfortunate popularity of this unscholarly mess, it provides a necessary popular level anecdote to the anti-Christian bigots who hate the fact that God has defined moral and ethical sexuality as a man and a woman, and who use these kinds of arguments to get around the clear prohibitions of Homosexual behavior found in the Torah. Secondly, as I said earlier today, reading these responses is like watching the Cleveland Indians playing a little league baseball team. My hope is that secularists will read these articles, and up their level of discussion about the Bible to a much higher level. It is easy to throw out these kinds of arguments out of ignorance; it is much harder to do the actual work to understand where the Bible is coming from.

Secondly, I was in Dr. James White’s chat channel this morning, and someone pointed out something very interesting about how the media has been discussing the passage of the Marriage amendment in North Carolina. They have all said that this amendment “Bans Gay Marriage.” Of course they ignore that the way the amendment is framed, it also bans marriage between a man and a dog, a man and more than one woman, a woman and more than one man, and marriage between a man and a toddler. It is simply defining marriage they way the scriptures do: as the union of a man and a woman. Amazingly, even with as much degregation that we have in our society, and as much bullying and manipulation that the “gay rights” crowd hurls at those who disagree, there are still some societies [such as North Carolina] that will freely vote to limit marriage to one man and one woman as part of their state constitution. Whether the foundation of this belief is Christian or not remains to be seen; it will be seen in how North Carolina responds to the pressure that is sure to come from the homosexual community. If it is based upon the people who voted for this doing so from a Christian consensus, then it will withstand this pressure. If it has not come from that consensus, it won’t be able to withstand the pressure.

Still, if the pressure to conform to society becomes so strong that people are forced to accept homosexual marriage in the church by the government, North Carolina might be a great state to move to, so long as they are able to resist the bullying and manipulation that is sure to come as the secularists try to impose their false gospel of humanism on North Carolina.


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