Thank You, Joel Beeke!!!!!

My pastor just linked to a blog post by Joel Beeke saying many of the things I have been saying in the last three posts. The reason I appreciate Beeke saying these things is because he has associated with the patriarchalists, and has even spoken at their conferences.

I really appreciate Beeke considering the values of scripture, rather than looking for a verse to apply in a black and white fashion. The value of life is important, as is the value of the gospel. These are many of the values we need to be thinking about as we approach election day. Confusing passages about choosing leaders with passages about influencing that choice, and then binding a vote for a third party as a moral absolute might be an easy way out, but it is reductionistic at best, and dangerously unwise at worst. I am thankful for these words spoken by someone in Joel Beeke’s position as we go into election week!


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