Unmarried the Movie-The Delay of Marriage Issue Comes Up Again

Karen Campbell, over on thatmom.com, has informed me about a new movie that is due to release around the spring of 2013 called Unmarried, The Rise of Singleness:

I guess the movie even has a Facebook page.

Now we have dealt with the delay of marriage issue before on this blog, and have interacted with many authors who promote this notion of a “sin of delay of marriage,” but this is interesting, because television can be used to hide the truth, and promote and agenda:

Hence, right away, I see red flags. The movie is produced by Family Vision Films. While, there is nothing wrong with having a large family [as the producers of this film do], when you start seeing words like “vision” next to such things as a large family, it starts to make you consider the possibility that we are dealing with someone who believes in militant fecundity. If that is the case, then there is every reason why they would hold to a position such as Albert Mohler, Candice Watters, or Mark Regnerus. If marriage and children is the main means God has used for taking dominion [with only honorable mention given to the gospel], then it is not surprising that they would promote this kind of agenda since singleness amongst those who are Christians [i.e., believe sexual relations outside of marriage is wrong] will naturally destroy their “vision.” Will this come up in the film? I don’t know. Just because you hold to a particular position does not mean that you cannot be fair with the other side, and present the issues in a fair fashion. Hence, I do believe we must reserve judgment until the film comes out.

However, specifics are not given. I know that Kevin Swanson is being interviewed for this film, since he is found in the trailer. I don’t know who the second guy is in the trailer [looks a little like Mark Regnerus, but it is difficult to say for sure], but this is the perspective they appear to be coming from. Will they interview Andreas Kostenberger? Will they interview myself and Amir Larijani who have been dealing with the arguments of Mohler, Maken, Regnerus, Watters et al for a long time? On their blog they say:

Please pray for us as we seek the biblical answers for what has taken place, interview theologians, families, and young Christians (married and unmarried alike).

I will be praying to that end. My concern is that the scholars, theologians, families, and young Christians you ask about this issue will determine the answer that you get. Also, as I have said many times, while it is admirable that people should want to go to God’s word to seek answers to these questions, whether we get the correct answer is going to depend upon our hermeneutics. Are they going to deal with the hermeneutical and exegetical issues surrounding passages like Genesis 2:18? What about dealing with passages such as 1 Corinthians 7:8-9, and the interpretation by Fee, Blomberg, et al that we are dealing with widows and widowers? It is hard to say, but, on their blog, not only do they believe that this passage teaches “if you find yourself lusting, get married” but they believe that 1 Corinthians 7:2 teaches the same thing, which is utterly indefensible exegetically [not to mention the notion of “finding yourself widowed; get married in 1 Timothy 5:14 is found in the context of widows being gossips and busybodies [v.13], and is clearly not meant to be a command to all widows, but only those widows whose idleness is causing moral and ethical problems]. Again, I am not saying that because these folks probably hold to these notions that they cannot create a film that accurately lays out the issues. My concern is simply whether the filmmakers will be critical of their own assumptions, and fairly interview theologians and scholars on both sides of this issue.

If this movie does turn out to be one-sided, I may end up finally getting a video camera, and going on Youtube to respond to the movie! I have been thinking about doing either a Vlog or a podcast for a while. While blogging is good, a lot of times you can address more in digital media, and it is easier for people to take with them [think I-pods, Mp3 players, etc.]. I don’t know, but we will see!


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  1. Richard Says:

    Al Mohler? Really?

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