Jack Van Impe is Wrong Again

It was something that slid under the radar. I wrote about Jack Van Impe claiming that the end of the world had something to do with the Inca calender here and here. He said that the Inca calender ends on December 25, 2012, and that this may have some bearing on the coming of Christ:

The Inca Calender Ends On Dec 25, 2012Amazing videos are here

Well, it is December 26, 2012, and Christ did not return. When will these prophecy teachers recognize that these speculations are *never* right, and stop trying to guess at when Christ will return? Van Impe said he was not dogmatic about it, but, my question is, why mention it at all? It is nothing but mere speculation based upon the calender of a culture an entire ocean away. Well, it is now December 26, 2012, and another prophecy speculation has gone the way of the Do-Dos. One hopes that Van Impe, Harold Camping, and those like him will stop their numerology, and let the text speak for itself.


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