On the Other Hand, There is Albert Mohler…

who seems to be starting to understand some of the complexity of the issues involved in the whole “delay of marriage” issue. I still disagree with him strongly over the notion that we can identify marriage with adulthood. I still disagree strongly that delay of marriage is, in and of itself, an ethical issue. Nevertheless, Mohler had Helen Smith on his program to discuss the cultural issues in relation to delay of marriage and things. While Mohler still holds to things I think are Biblically questionable, I think he is going down the right road on this one. We could add other issues such as student loan debt, completely unbiblical and unreasonable expectations on the part of women, the interference of fathers with unbiblical standards, and a whole host of other things. It is a complex issue involving many factors, but the crippling of men at the hands of the society is a major issue, and I give kudos to Dr. Mohler for taking the time to address it!


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